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Tohoku Relief  | feature

In June I made my fourth trip to the disaster-hit Tohoku region. I have been partnering with TEF (Tokai Evangelical Fellowship) in delivering relief supplies and seeking to minister to the hearts of earthquake-tsunami victims.

In June our team of eleven came alongside a small Baptist church in a town called Kessenuma assisting them in outreach to their community. Actually, the Kessenuma First Baptist church was destroyed by the tsunami that struck on March 11. Structurally speaking, the only thing that survived was the floor (see pict.). Even Pastor Minegishi barely escaped with his life. However, soon after the tsunami, one of the believers felt compelled to turn half of his print shop into a place of worship and a center for outreach.

While I was there, our primary ministry was serving people from the community who came to the print shop to relax, enjoy some refreshments and just hangout. I took my guitar and played praise music softly in the background. As I engaged people from the community in conversation and as I talked with my fellow teammates, we sensed an openness. People were ready to share their stories. Later we also learned from Pastor Minegishi that 3 people have come to Jesus through this type of ministry! They are now attending the Kessenuma Baptist church.

Last week I made my fifth trip to Tohoku. Pastor Tanaka (who we are partnering with in Nagoya) and I traveled to Tohoku to meet with our Alliance missionary colleagues Harry and Jane Landaw to dream and discuss how our Japan Alliance Mission can partner with the Japan Alliance Church in assisting disaster victims with a view to potential long-term church planting ministry in the region.

contributed by Alan Kropp



This article excerpted from "Kroppuccino" - a communique from Alan and Jill Kropp. You can read the entire newsletter HERE.






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